National Advance Care Planning Day

The UK's first national day dedicated to Advance Care Planning. 🗓️8th May, 2024


Every adult in the UK should explore Advance Care Planning and have an Advance Care Plan in place. 

The purpose of this awareness and action day is to highlight the importance of advance care planning and help empower society to make suitable plans for themselves.

"How grateful we'll be on our last day, that we took time now to plan ahead. ACP Day is a step towards making our wishes clear."
Dr Kathryn Mannix
Retired palliative care doctor. Author of 'With the End in Mind' and 'Listen.'

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance Care Planning should take place before someone become’s ill. It can include conversations and a variety of different tasks based on the person’s stage in life and their unique wishes for the future. Some of the reflective questions someone might ask themself  include; what do you want to happen?, what do you not want to happen?, who would speak for you if you were unable to? and what do you want to be remembered for?

An output of Advance Care Planning might be the creation of an Advance Care Plan and other Advance Care Planning documents. There is not one right or set way to do this.

What is an Advance Care Plan?

An Advance Care Plan is a document that outlines what someone would and would not want to happen in the future. Once completed it should be shared with at least one trusted person, their GP and anyone who might be involved with their care now or in the future… It’s like a Last Will & Testament but instead of being about things you own… it’s about you!

Advance Care Plan documents can be updated at anytime in the future and whenever life and health circumstances change.

A day dedicated to empowering society with their Advance Care Planning journey...👇👇


🗓️ On the 8th May 2024 the UK’s first Advance Care Plan Day took place. This year’s Advance Care Plan Day theme was ‘Getting your House in Order’.  It is important that everyone get’s their own affairs addressed and this is true not just for the present but also the future.

The theme ‘Getting Your House in Order’ shows Advance Care Planning is built on a foundation of ‘What Matters Most’ to you. The different elements of Advance Care Planning are represented as windows. The model shows that so much of Advance Care Planning is part of normal life. 


We are starting small but “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”..

This year’s goal is to help educate society about the different areas of Advance Care Planning and for everyone to put suitable plans in place for themselves at their current stage in life.

We encouraged individuals and organisations to get involved with this year’s Advance Care Plan Day (#ACPDay2024) both ahead of the 8th May and throughout the year. 

"A UK wide day that promotes the ideas and benefits of Advance & Future Care Planning is a great initiative, I am glad that it will finally happen this year."
Professor Mark Taubert
Chair Advance Care Planning NHS Wales Exec

Get Involved...

How will you ‘get your house in order?’. You might decide to ‘make a pledge‘ to document your wishes within an Advance Care Plan. You might simply decide to learn more about this important area and have a conversation about your wishes with a loved one.


If you are a professional, charitable or other organisation you might want to run your own Advance Care Plan Day event and share some of the Advance Care Planning resources now or on the 8th May 2024. 🗓️

Social Media Sharing Cards

A number of different social media sharing cards (images) and other resources have been developed. They can all be downloaded for free and shared using social media.

"Advance care planning helps people feel more confident that their care and treatment will be focused on what matters most to them. It's a vital conversation that can help people live well to the end."
Sarah West
Director of External Affairs, Hospice UK

List your charity, NHS Trust or Organisation as a ACP Day supporter

“Thank you” to all of the charities, NHS Trusts and organisations who are supporting this year’s ACP day. Supporters have either pledged to put on an event, share information or share a live stream of this year’s Advance Care Planning ‘Getting Your House in Order’ conference.

Share your Advance Care Planning story

If you would like to tell us about your own Advance Care Planning stories (good or bad) we would love to read it. We welcome contributions from the general public, health and social care professionals

A number of selected stories will be told on the days leading up to this year’s Advance Care Plan Day.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this year’s Advance Care Plan Day. If you would like to get involved, download and share some of the free resources click here.

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To visit the ACP Day 2024 resources page click here

To visit the ACP Day 2024 resources page click here

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