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What is CPR?

Ethical and Policy Dilemmas in (DNA) CPR Decisions: Results from the Autonomy Project Audit.'

Abstract:   One part of planning for future care is the difficult matter of deciding about "ceilings of care," including with reference to the use of so-called "heroic measures" for the preservation of life.  In recent years, the pandemic shone a bright light on so-called DNACPRs.   

"DNACPR" is an acronym; it stands for "Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation."  In this presentation I identify and dispel some widespread misunderstandings about DNACPRs, about their function and legal status, about their appropriate use and their too-frequent misuse.  

I introduce some educational tools designed to foster better understanding of the issues among care-professionals, care-recipients, and families.  And I draw attention to some of the shortcomings in existing guidance for care-professionals.

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