National ACP Day Resources

A number of free to use, and easy to download resources can be found below. These have been created to help encourage participation, self empowerment and societal action. 

We encourage YOU to make a ‘pledge’ of a task that you complete. You might also want to educate and empower others through the sharing of information, educational prompts and documentation.

Make a pledge...

Download and share a pledge card onto your favourite social networks. This will let other people know that you are taking control of your future health, social care, wellbeing and wider wishes.

Click on the green ‘Download’ button underneath the image you would like to share. This will open the image in a ‘new window’. Click on the download icon (top righthand corner) and the file will be saved onto the device you are using. The download icon looks like the image shown below:

Once downloaded upload the image from your computer, tablet or phone to Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram etc with your add your own personal message. 

"From a community engagement and public health perspective, a national day that promotes advance care planning has the potential to lead to a culture change. This is especially important within communities that may have limited trust or access to traditional health care settings."
Claude Chidiac
Claude Chidiac
On behalf of the National Nurse Consultant Group (Palliative Care)

Empower others...

Empower others with their advance care planning journey by sharing a motivational card on your preferred social network. 

Through awareness and leadership in this area you might help friends, family members and other members of society feel comfortable thinking, talking and documenting their wishes.

Downloading images (extra support)

If you require extra support downloading one of the social media sharing cards (as shown above) you are in the right place. Here is a quick tutorial:

  1. Choose the image you would like to share from the list above.

  2. Click on the green download button.

  3. A new window will open with the image (similar to the image shown in the righthand side). Click on the download icon. This is highlighted in the image with a red circle and has two arrows pointing towards it.

  4. Once downloaded locally simply upload and share it to your preferred social networks,

"Illness takes us all by surprise…but we can be a bit more prepared if we share our wishes when we are well. The right things are more likely to happen!"
Dr Ros Tayor MBE
Palliative physician. Former Clinical Director at Hospice UK, Medical Director at Harlington Hospiee & Founder of HPAL

Download the full ACP Day Resource Pack

Download the national Advance Care Plan Day resource pack. It includes the ACP Day Press Release, social media sharing cards, images and the press release for your socials, website or blog.


Advance Care Plan Day Podcast Takeover

Listen to a selection of podcasts released by Clare Fuller for ACP Day 2024 below. These podcasts highlight some of the key themes and subject matters addressed before, during and after Advance Care Plan Day 2024.

Many of the areas discussed in the podcasts will also be explored in greater detail at the National Advance Care Plan Conference on the 8th May at the John Innes Conference Centre, Colney Lane in Norwich.

"I've met so many bereaved families who wished they'd had those important conversations about each other's wishes. I've never met a family who regretted taking that time. It's our gift to each other's futures. "
Kathryn Mannix
Retired palliative care doctor. Author of 'With the End in Mind' and 'Listen.'​

ACP Day 2024 Podcasts...👇

Share your Advance Care Plan story

If you would like to tell us about your own Advance Care Planning stories (good or bad) we would love to read it. We welcome contributions from the general public, health and social care professionals

A number of selected stories will be told on the days leading up to this year’s Advance Care Plan Day. 

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