What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance Care Planning is an umbrella term that includes many elements of planning ahead. 

What is an Advance Care Plan?

An Advance Care Plan is the document outlining your future health and social care wishes.

All adults in the UK should learn about advance planning and put suitable plans in place for their own unique circumstances

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Advance Care Plans are sometimes referred to as ‘Advance Statement of Wishes and Preferences’, ‘Advance Directives’ (in Scotland) and ‘Future Care and Advance Care Plans’ (in Wales).

They are a written statement that sets out wishes, preferences and values about your care. It is not a legal document but is important as it can help to provide guidance for anyone who may need to support you or make decisions in your best interests in the future.   

There is not one way to create an Advance Care Plan, but there are a number of themes you will find in most plans. An Advance Care Plan will typically include a statement of What Matters Most’ to you and a statement of your wishes and preferences.

Advance Care Plans can be written or created digitally online. They can be created with or without the support of a health or social care professional. They can be updated at any time once someone’s wishes or circumstances change. Advance Care Plans are not legally binding.’

Advance Care Plans can be provided by care settings in your local area or by using resources by the likes of MyWishes (free to use) or the My Future Care Handbook (purchased online)

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