What is a Digital Legacy?

“A digital legacy is the digital information that is available about someone following their death. Someone’s digital legacy is often shaped by interactions the person made and information that they created before they died…

This might include their social media profiles, online conversations, photos, videos, gaming profiles and their website or blog. Someone’s digital legacy can also be informed by content that is created or co-created by others. This may include interactions that have occurred on someone else’s social media wall or stream. “ 

The Digital Legacy Association

Digital legacy planning will differ for each person based on a number of reasons. These range from platforms they use and how comfortable they are sharing information publicly to their relationships with loved ones, the importance they place on their online media etc.

For some people planning might simply entail telling their loved one their password. For others it might be creating a log of all their online accounts within a Social Media Will and sharing it with their next of kin.  This can help ensure that their accounts are logged and when plans have been made for each, wishes are more likely to take place.

How to make plans for your digital legacy

There are a number of different ways in which each person can take ownership or their digital assets and help safeguard aspects of their digital legacy.

MyWishes Social Media and Digital Will features let’s people make plans for all of their online accounts. Upon completion they can be printed and/or emailed to their loved ones. James Norris will be speaking about the importance of planning for our digital assets and safeguarding out digital assets at the upcoming Advance Care Planning Conference. 

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