A national day highlighting the importance of Advance Care Planning

On the 8th May the first national Advance Care Planning day will take place in the United Kingdom. This day of action and awareness will highlight the importance of Advance Care Planning and encourage society to document, share and discuss their wishes. 


There are a number of ways in which the general public and professionals can get involved ahead of the national day and on the day itself.


The new Advance Care Plan Day website (www.AdvanceCarePlanDay.org) contains information about the different aspects of Advance Care Planning and asks visitors to make and share ‘pledges’ about the Advance Care Planning tasks they intend to undertake. Visitors are also able to help empower others to learn and participate by sharing prompt cards outlining the different aspects of Advance Care Planning.  Through education and social participation, it is hoped that an increased number of Advance Care Planning tasks such as documentation and important discussions across the UK will take place.


Those wanting to submit their own Advance Care Planning stories (both good and bad) are encouraged to share them for publication if they wish to do so.

The first two Advance Care Plan Day, ‘Getting Your House in Order’ podcasts are now live. Registration for the ‘Getting your House in Order, Advance Care Planning Conference’ is now open. This hybrid conference will take place with a live audience in Norwich and streamed live on the 8th May. More than 20 health and social care organisations across the globe have already received the streaming link in order for it to be watched live at their place of work.

Charitable organisations working within relevant fields are encouraged to be listed as a ‘supporter’ for this year’s national day of action and awareness.

About Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a voluntary process where someone thinks about and makes plans for their future health, social care and wider wishes. An Advance Care Plan can be one or more documents that express someone’s future health, social care and wider wishes.


The vast majority of adults in the UK have not created and shared one or more Advance Care Planning documents. The aim of the awareness and action day is to help change this. Making plans in advance can be of great benefit whilst someone is healthy, when they are unwell, for care professionals and for the person’s friends and family members in the future.

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