About ACP Day

About ACP Day 2024

Advance Care Plan Day is a not for profit awareness campaign taking place on the 8th May 2024. It is a national day of awareness and action for all areas around advance care planning.

To learn how to get involved, make a pledge or learn how to list your organisation as a supporter of ACP Day 2024 click here.

Who runs and organises the Advance Care Plan Day?

ACP Day is provided by various individuals and charitable organisations who donate their time, expertise and energy to make it happen. If you are able to support us with insights, a guest blog post or anything else please do get in touch.

ACP Day 2024 Team

James Norris founder of MyWishes & The Digital Legacy Association. Digital Research Fellow at Harlington Hospice. 

Dani Ayre, Palliative Care Educator at Norfolk & Norwich Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Clare Fuller, Advance Care Planning advocate, coach and educator at Speak For Me LPA.


Contributors & Supporters



The Digital Legacy Association

Speak For Me LPA

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Norfolk & Norwich Hospitals Charity


ACP Day 2024 Supporters

Hospice UK


NHS Wales Advance & Future Care Planning Group

Norfolk & Norwich Foundation University NHS Trust

NHS Gloucestershire ICB 

Compassion in Dying


Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

No Barriers Here

Mary Stevens Hospice 

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust  

Hampshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Ageing Without Children (UK)

Ageing Without Children East (Kent) 

Willow Burn Hospice


“No one wants to have to plan for their own future or death but it’s a fact of life and only you know what you’d like to happen - plan for the worst hope for the best and better yet write it down and file and forget it but tell those that matter first"
Dr Ollie Minton
Clinical Lead for Palliative Medicine & Clinical Director for Cancer. NHS University Hospitals Sussex

What Matters Most To You? Conference, Streaming partners

To view a list of locations where the conference will be live streamed or to stream this year’s conference for free click, on the button below.

List your charity, NHS Trust or Organisation as a supporter

“Thank you” to all of the charities, NHS Trusts and organisations who are supporting this year’s ACP day.

Supporters have either pledged to put on an event, share information or share a live stream of this year’s Advance Care Planning ‘Getting Your House in Order’ Conference.

Download, use the ACP 2024 Press Release

This year’s ACP Press Release was released and distributed on the 9th April 2024. Please feel free to download and share this information with the communities you serve if it is suitable to do so.

Dying Matters Awareness Week

Advance Care Plan Day is taking place as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2024.

This year’s Dying Matters Awareness Week will take place from 6 – 12 May 2024. It is organised by Hospice UK.


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